Features to Support your 12 Step Journey

Online Step Study

We have 10-15 recovery topics for every step and more on the way. You'll get the opportunity to answer several thought-provoking questions for each one as well as contemplate a spiritual connection related to the topic. Topics explore everything from our feelings of being overwhelmed to our newfound sense of freedom.


Interactive Questions

Every topic contains 3-5 questions and you'll be able to journal about your feelings, memories, action plans, and opinions for each one. You can also tie your answers to the People, Places, Events and Things for powerful cross-references.


journaling, journals, 12 steps, addiction journaling, recovery

Brighter12.com provides the opportunity to maintain journal-type diaries that will help you document the progress of your recovery. Use tags to associate a journal entry with any of the People, Places and Events that you have identified.


Journey Dashboard

dashboard, the 12 steps, addiction, recovery

Your personal Brighter12.com homepage will contain lots of tools to help you progress through the Steps and give you quick access to all your favorite features. 


My Life 

This feature lets you create lists of the important People, Places, Events and Things from your Life. You'll be able to use each one that you've documented as 'Tags' that can be incorporated into Journals and Workpage answers. Tags are searchable keywords that create cross-reference lists for anything you define. This is great preparation for doing a thorough job when it comes time to work on your Inventories and other Step activities.


  • Family members
  • Coworkers, bosses
  • Good friends
  • The bad friends
  • Significant others
  • Teachers, mentors


  • Places you lived
  • Schools
  • Places you worked
  • Vacation spots
  • Hang-outs
  • Where you partied


  • Family affairs
  • Accomplishments
  • Personal milestones
  • First date
  • Weddings
  • Legal incidents


  • Everything else!
  • Favorite stuff
  • Strong emotions 
  • Problems & struggles
  • Character attributes
  • Thought bookmarks

The Power of Tags!

Tag your Workpage answers and Journals with any of the People, Places, Events and Things to create quick references.

Celebration Trackers

celebrate sobriety, how long have i been sober, sobriety calculator, addiction, reovery

Count your sobriety, abstinance, clean time, or special anniversaries using our Celebration Trackers. By entereing the date you want to track, the system will tell you how many Days, Months and Years it has been.



Our searching tool allows you to find your Journal Entries and Workpage questions by kewords, dates or tags. Searching helps you stay organized for the work you will do in your 4th Step Inventory, Defects Analysis, Amends Making and general recovery work.

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