My Life

Organizes your thoughts for the 4th step inventory

MyLife, the 12 steps, addiction, recovery
My Life is a new reference tool that ties together your 12 Step work

By creating reference points to the People, Places, Events and important stuff in your life, you can take advantage of the powerful ability of automation to help you review your life from different perspectives.


  • Family members
  • Coworkers, bosses
  • Good friends
  • The bad friends
  • Significant others
  • Teachers, Mentors


  • Places you lived
  • Schools
  • Places you worked
  • Vacation spots
  • Hang-outs
  • Where you partied.


  • Family affairs
  • Accomplishents
  • Personal milestones
  • First date
  • Weddings
  • Legal incidents


  • Everything else!
  • Favorite Stuff
  • Strong Emotions 
  • Problems, Struggles
  • Character Attributes
  • Thought Bookmarks
The Power of Tags

After you have created lists in My Life for your important People, Places, Events and Things you can begin tagging Journal entries and Workpage Answers with these classifications. Then, you'll be able to find all your thoughts associated with that memory using with our search and reference capabilities.

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