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Features To be built in 2013

A Searching And Fearless Moral Inventory

Say goodbye to columns on pieces of paper, and hello to the power of web-based tools!

WIth our automated tools you will be able to take your inventory to a new level. You'll be able to incorporate the People-Places-Events tagging features to pull all your thoughts together into a concise summary to share with your sponsor.

Daily Inventory 

  • Check-in every day to track your moods and other key indicators.
  • See trends for your emotions over time.
  • Mood appropriate encouragement.
  • Create logs for life activities (eating, exercise, blood pressure, etc)

Action Plans

The software system will also include a planning system to give you some accountability towards setting goals for things like improving your character defects and shortcomings, developing a program for service, spiritual development, amends planning and much more.

Sponsor / Sponsee Tools

Keeps track of the assignments and discussion notes between you and your sponsor (sponsees), as well as setting reminders for what you are supposed to be working on.

Going Global!


Over the next few years, we intend to upgrade the software infrastructure to manage several different languages. Spanish, German, and French are considered the top three options, but we will decide after getting a few months of customer requests before deciding on any particular set of languages.  Your input is appreciated!

Something for Everyone

More Step Tools

As we move forward, we fully intend to incorporate additional widgets and features to help you reach your step goals!

Issue Specific Customizations

We have started out with rather generic Workpage contact but built with the assumption that most of our members are struggling with drugs and alcohol. We plan to modify each lesson address individual compulsive behaviors so that it sounds "right" for that problem. Initially, we will write all material focused on the drug and alcohol addictions with a keen eye on codependency. 

Our plans to expand capabilities are tentative, depending on availability of funding.

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