How Brighter12 Handles Your Personal Data

Online Security:

Member privacy and anonymity is the cornerstone of

The Brighter 12 web environment has been designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your identity and your content.

To accomplish this, we have minimized the personally identifying information we gather, have partnered with security experts, designed an infrastructure around protecting your data, and have taken extra measures to secure every aspect of our operations.

Payment Data: 

We use a 3rd party payment provider which means none of the payment data is stored on the Brighter12 system. 


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This adds to the protection of your information by separating the payment data from your personal reflections on completely independent computer servers—owned by separate companies— to maximise the separation of identifying information.

Safe Transactions:

All data transmitted from your computer’s browser to the Brighter12 web servers is encrypted using 2048 bit encryption and certified by Thawte—an industry leader in website security certification. This is the same SSL provider that is used by many banks and healthcare providers use to secure their internet transactions. Our extended validation SSL exceeds U.S. government standards.

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Extra Steps: The people behind Brighter12 do not have access to the information you put into the program. A few other steps we’ve taken to ensure privacy:

  • Access to the production Brighter12 web environment has been restricted to an independent senior-level administrator who has been vetted and certified in the administration and security of information systems.
  • Data that has been backed up is stored offsite and encrypted using strong cryptographic algorithms.
  • Any programming changes to the Brighter12 system require several levels of approvals and authentication in order to ensure only authorized personnel access the servers.
  • Routine risk assessments are conducted on the Brighter12 system and reviewed by our IT provider's senior security staff in order to quickly identify any areas that need immediate remediation or mitigation.

Our Promise:

  • We have no interest in your identity.
  • Your content belongs to you. It is never shared. Period.
  • Our team cannot view your entries. 
  • We will go above and beyond to protect your content and identity.