Addiction Recovery

Recover [ree-kuhv-er]: noun

  1. to get back or regain (something lost or taken away): to recover a stolen watch.
  2. to make up for or make good (loss, damage, etc., to oneself).
  3. to regain the strength, composure, balance, or the like, of (oneself).
  4. to reclaim from a bad state, practice, etc.
  5. to regain (a substance) in usable form, as from refuse material or from a waste product or by-product of manufacture; reclaim.
  6. to regain health after being sick, wounded, or the like.
  7. to regain a former and better state or condition.
  8. to regain one's strength, composure, balance, etc.

Educate Yourself

It is helpful to learn as much as possible not only about the addiction but also the treatment options and other available resources.

Education can come through health care professionals, attending workshops and support groups, reading books, articles and newsletters, browsing the internet, and participating in discussion groups.

Recovery/Addiction/12 step program

No matter which type of treatment you select, a 12-Step program can be incorporated into your recovery plan.

Please note that does not endorse any specific treatment plans
and will not attempt to diagnose or advise you on a course of action for treatment.