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Step Maps

Step maps are a unique way of thinking through the steps. They were developed by Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX and are available FREE to anyone who wants to use them.

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Stepintro-eng.pdf 504KB
Step1maps-eng.pdf 1105KB
Step2maps-eng.pdf 1022KB
Step3maps-eng.pdf 1068KB
Step4maps-eng.pdf 892KB
Step5maps-eng.pdf 1221KB
Step6maps-eng.pdf 954KB
Step7maps-eng.pdf 815KB
Step8maps-eng.pdf 872KB
Step10maps-eng.pdf 851KB
Step11maps-eng.pdf 928KB
12step12maps-eng.pdf 1206KB
Stepsloganmaps-eng.pdf 233KB
Stepprayermaps-eng.pdf 210KB

Current AA Pamphlets, Books and Other Documents

Visit the Alcohollics Anonymous Literature section at:

AA-Related Public Domain Materials

Alcoholics Anonymous is at the heart of all 12-Step programs and it is with respect and gratitude that delivers some of the most used documents as helpful resources for all people working 12 -Step programs.

Most of the material used within the AA Program are distributed FREE around the world as public domain documents. We are happy to provide you with some of the key favorites used by AA'ers for decades.

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Concordance / Cross Reference for the AA Big Book
AA_BigBook_Concordance.pdf 478KB
AA Big Book pdf version
BigBook.pdf 496KB
Big_Book_Sponsorship_Guide.pdf 520KB
Generic AA 4th Step Overview
Step4_Inventory.pdf 118KB
A globally accepted overview of the steps
Akron_Guide_To_12_Steps.pdf 100KB

4th Step Worksheets

Here are some generic and common worksheets available on the internet to assist in working the Fourth Step as outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Fears worksheet from or from Dallas B.
4th-step-fears-x.pdf 8KB
Harms worksheet from or from Dallas B.
4th-step-harms-x.pdf 8KB
Instructions for 4th step worksheets from or from Dallas B
4th-step-instructions-x.pdf 13KB
Resentments worksheet from or from Dallas B
4th-step-resentments-x.pdf 7KB
Sexual Conduct worksheet from or from Dallas B
4th-step-sex-conduct-x.pdf 7KB
4th Step Worksheets
4thStepWorksheets.pdf 52KB
From Celebrate Recovery at Richland Baptist Church Richardson, Texas
Moral_Inventory_Forms.pdf 1301KB
From Celebrate Recovery at Richland Baptist Church Richardson, Texas
Moral_Inventory_Guide_booklet.pdf 49KB
4th Step From
Step4_WS_RoyY.pdf 63KB
Generic 4th Step Inventory Sheets
step4.pdf 78KB