Time To Change

When Should Someone Look For Help

You are struggling with a problem in your life:

  • You have a compulsion and you're worried about it.
  • Your obstacle is causing negative consequences.
  • You are afraid of the impact of continuing without help.

You have tried to manage the behavior but relapsed repeatedly:

  • You have tried to stop your behavior and can't.
  • You put boundaries around the behavior and then break them.
  • You promise to change but don't.
  • Your emotions about it are out of control or irrational.

Your life feels out of control:

  • Your problem is causing you to do things you never imagined.
  • You can't get it out of your mind.
  • You hate the person you are becoming.
Recovery/Addiction/12 step program

You want help:

  • You know you need to change but don't know how.
  • You're afraid to tell another person what's going on.
  • You feel ready to do something about it.