Step 5


Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being
the exact nature of our wrongs.

Step 5: Acknowledge

The fifth step can be as easy as reading the inventory list out loud or as torturous as any confession ever made. But the truth is, our past is valid and is a worthy platform to begin the next phase of our life. Saying it out loud gives it the freedom to rest in the accomplishment of knowing that it is done.

The relationship we have been building with our sponsor is especially important for this moment. Having someone we trust walk alongside and acknowledge the painful mess of our past will surely give comfort. We see that we are not alone and that our struggles and secrets will not triumph over us.

It is certain that we cannot come out of this as the same person who started and for that, we can be thankful.

5th Step of 12 Steps

Spiritual Connection

As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.
Proverbs 27:17